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I designed and ideated the Sphere fitness app, with an emphasis on motivation and goal-setting.

Tools Used
Sketch, InVision, Miro, Marvel App
My Role
UX/UI Designer
3 Months


Find a way to create an easy-to-understand fitness app that appeals to beginner and intermediate users

Create a basic social media feature to keep users connected to each other for support and motivation

Use rewards and basic gamification to keep users engaged and turn exercise into a lifestyle/habit



Conduct 5 rounds of user interviews with beginning and intermediate fitness users to discover their motivations

and current tracking methods for idea generation

Perform 3 rounds of guerilla, moderated and unmoderated user testing to iterate on my idea throughout the development process

Utilize basic color theory and visual design skills to create a UI style guide and ensure a consistent look and feel while working on my prototype

Work alongside my design mentor, implementing feedback over the three-month design process

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What's Next?

Develop the social feature even more with community challenges and

peer-to-peer competition based on user levels

Collect user feedback on preferred reward types to keep them engaged

Work with developers to build out Sphere's daily gamification features

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