I led the visual branding for Quick Mount PV's QRail product launch leading to an increase in sales leads.

My Role
Visual Designer
Product Designer
Tools Used
Adobe CS, Balsamiq, Pardot

As one of the leading US solar-based manufacturers, Quick Mount PV was exploring for new sources of revenue when they decided to expand out to solar rails. In addition to leading the designs for a company-wide rebrand, I was also tasked to look for a new way to present our sample page requests page to improve our past iterations for QRail.

The Challenge

Design constraints include:

Build upon our existing designs to build a consistent, but refreshed look.

Keep our solar installers in mind while designing and help convince them to switch to QRail for their solar rails.

Find a way to tie in all of the marketing together through the creation of a centralized icon or symbol.

Our Approach

As the company’s lead visual designer, my job was to work cross-functionally alongside the company's marketing manager, web developer, sales and engineering teams to produce sample requests and leads through producing high-quality marketing collateral.


Upon consulting with multiple teams, we agreed that our top priority would be to market Quick Mount as an all-solutions provider to attract solar installers through multiple channels including a revised email blast, tradeshow prototypes, advertisements and sample requests.



As I wanted to find a way to unify our branding, I first started this campaign by taking a look at our competitors and how they advertised their rails. Upon that I began to sketch simple logos in both high and low fidelity to experiment with what looked the best.

Ultimately, I drew inspiration from pop culture icons including Nintendo’s Fire Emblem, Marvel Studio’s Infinity War along with a few others to produce something that would be instantly memorable and recognizable for the company. After multiple iterations, we chose the current design where the four colors of Quick Mount's prop values flowing into one another.

After revising our eBlast for the QRail product announcement, and getting a 20-30% uptick in CTA click rates, we began work on the sample request page using the lessons we learned from adding extra visual hierarchy on the email blasts.

Lead-Generation Page

As one of the first major projects at Quick Mount PV to utilize UX/UI wireframing, I was tasked at looking for a new way to present our sample page requests page.


Given that the page had to be both consistent with my newer QMPV redesigns and utilizing the same functionality of our old site, I worked with both our web developer and marketing manager on wireframes.


By analyzing past quantitative data for our previous web banners and eBlasts,  I managed to come up with a multi-column design. Using the left-hand column to tell the story and the other column on the right for CTAs, led to a 20% increase in sample requests over our previous attempt to create a marketing lead-generation page for L-Mount.

Where as users were largely dropping off the page after finishing the video on top, the extra "request a free sample" button encouraged users to explore the page and submit a request.


Previously, we would always jump directly into producing final versions of websites and artwork as a department. By working with a wireframe, we discovered that we could make changes prior to production in order to speed up efficiency as a team.

QRail Sample Package

In addition to the sample request page, I also had to design the sample packaging for QRail. Working with our engineering and packaging team, I was able to devise a way to tell installers what was inside the box along with how our rail ecosystem worked.


" Jason Young brought new ideas and innovations to our marketing initiatives. The visual designs he produced for the QRail product line led to a successful product launch."

- Stri Zulch, Marketing Director

Quick Mount PV


Key Takeaway

Ushering in Design Thinking

As this was the marketing department’s first foray into using design thinking, I decided to use low-fidelity wireframing to help build a new eBlast and sample request landing page prior to approval. Had I learned how to apply design thinking to guide my designs previous to this project, we could've potentially crafted even better material to increase sales for the company.

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