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I led the visual branding for Quick Mount PV's QRail product launch leading to an increase in sales leads.

My Role
Visual Designer
Product Designer
Tools Used
Adobe CS, Balsamiq, Pardot
2-3 Months


Demonstrate Quick Mount PV as a single one-stop solution for all things solar

Build upon our existing designs to build a consistent, but refreshed look

Keep our solar installers in mind while designing and help convince them to switch to QRail for their solar rails

Find a way to tie in all of the marketing together through the creation of a centralized icon or symbol


Cross-collaboration with marketing manager, web developer, sales and engineering teams to produce sample

requests and packaging

Create a defining logo to help establish the company's new lifecycle

Redesign our eBlast using A/B testing; leading to a 20-30% increase in CTA clicks

Produce a new lead-genration page introducing design thinking


" Jason Young brought new ideas and innovations to our marketing initiatives. The visual designs he produced for the QRail product line led to a successful product launch."

- Stri Zulch, Marketing Director

Quick Mount PV

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Ushering in Design Thinking

Used low-fidelity wireframing to help build new pages prior to development

Organized a cross-collaborative effort between different departments

Advocate for UI design and A/B Testing across the organization

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