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Working remotely and cross-functionally alongside internal stakeholders, I was able to provide a new cohesive visual upgrade to the company’s vendor-based SaaS product. This helped establish a grassroots UX effort as I documented and audited our existing products for a cohesive user environment.

My Role
UX/UI Designer
1+ years
Tools Used
Adobe XD, Jira, Github


Learning the intricacies of the company’s agile software development process

Taking existing research and turning them into a workable design solution

Bring together marketing and software development to establish a consistent visual identity. This included pairing down 70+ colors and having to rework WCAG accessibility

Cleaning up a large collection of design debt from a prior lack of documentation and procedures


Stakeholder research with project managers, product owners sales and marketing to ensure a balance between business requirements and user needs

Began with waterfall approach working alongside marketing and converted it to agile approach through the iterative process, introducing UX techniques and processes to increase efficiency while working cross-functionally with development 

Iterations based on UATs to refine design after collecting feedback from internal/external users

Internal design audit on the company’s existing software solution to create cohesion between our software/website offerings, aiding in 47% increase to year-over-year sales.


Raising the Company's UX Maturity

Establish user flow development process for software development efficiency

Creating a design system and cohesive look for the company’s SaaS product and

user portal

Advocate for UX design and research across the organization, documenting a

UX roadmap and looking for opportunities to improve user research

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