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Hi, I’m Jason, a π-shaped UX/UI designer. I leverage my expertise in SEO, marketing, and visual design to craft exceptional experiences in the 
B2B and B2C realms.

About Me

Raised in the Bay Area, I bring over 9 years of diverse design experience to my role as a UX/UI designer, with a specific focus on industrial, visual, and web design. I've spent the past 3+ years honing my skills professionally in UX/UI. I am passionate about striking a balance between user-centric design and meeting business objectives. I am also an avid marathon runner.


Web App

I led a rapid website redesign project for PeopleFinder's sister site US Phone Book, optimizing user experience, SEO and marketing efforts. Utilized AI data-driven predictive design to increase organic traffic by 80%.
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Web App


I audited the company's SaaS platform and established design thinking processes, significantly enhancing the user environment. This strategic shift contributed directly to a 47% increase in sales in 2021, demonstrating the value of improved UX in driving business results.


I drove the digital transformation of a small pet facility, transitioning from analog to cloud-based operations with plans to integrate a third-party booking system to enhance user experience and operational efficiency, aligning user and business needs.

Contact Me

If you would like to get in touch, please contact me using:

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