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Hi, I’m Jason, welcome to my portfolio. I’m a product designer who loves to solve complex problems with creative solutions.

About Me

Bay Area-raised, I’m a product designer who has been currently working in the UX/UI industry for the past year. Prior to that I had worked in industrial, visual and web design with an emphasis on marketing for 9+ years.

Throughout my experiences working with tradeshows and on print and digital collateral, has shown me the value that the best way to retain customer loyalty is through developing a useful and accessible product. This stems from my personal interest in wanting to learn about how my creations and design can solve problems for people rather than just attract interest in a product to a potential customer.

In my free time, I'm a competitive long distance runner/marathoner. I personally believe that it’s helped make me become a better worker through learning how to adopt a long-term strategic mindset. By breaking down each day down to a series of manageable tasks and mini-victories, I’ve learned that it all contributes to a successful end result.

Below are some of my projects that I've worked on. You'll find out about my processes used and outcomes at the end of each case study.


Due to corporate privacy, I am unable to share everything that I am working on. If you would like to inquire more please contact me.


Ingredients Online Seller System 3.0

UX/UI Design, Stakeholder Research, Cross-functional Agile Software Development
I worked on auditing the company's existing SaaS platform while establishing design thinking processes to create a more cohesive user environment.

Sphere Capstone Project

Anchor 2
User Research, Student Capstone, Mobile App
For my student capstone project, I chose to research on a way to increase daily user exercise motivation while creating a functional 
fitness app.
Visual/Product Design, B2B Lead Generation

QRail Sample Request Page

As the company's visual designer, I began to utilize design thinking to increase click through rates and sales while establishing the company as an all-in-one solar solutions provider.


As a successful career transitioner, I enjoy talking to others about my transition from marketing and visual design into UX/UI and product design. I enjoy talking to prospective bootcamp graduates or people trying to break into the industry. If you would like to invite me to your event, contact me


Contact Me

If you would like to get in touch, please contact me using:


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